Monday, April 12, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0

Now because this is not out for the consumer yet I will be talking about my opinion and not the specifications.
1: Most anticipated was wallpaper behind the icons. Good thing we got that or else I would have disappointed in Apple.
2: Multi-tasking is now precent and this is great. I actually jail-broke my iTouch because I wanted multi-tasking so bad. But now it is here and that satisfies me.
3: Folders: Now you can hold all your favorite apps and not have to delete them because you can now exceed 2,000 apps instead of 180 or what ever it was before.
4: There are many other things included but I am not going in depth. These include: Universal inbox, threaded messaging, no more Apple servers, universal online game playing, iAds, ect.
Now here is the big question: what i-devices will it be for.
Well, all of them but only the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch 3rd generation will get the key feature, multi-tasking.


Now you may be thinking that I have already talked about the iPad, but than I saw one. Yes I got to hold one and it was SOOOO cool. I admit I want one. Except the fact of the matter is that I don't have the money right now.
Now I am defiantly considering the second generation because it will natively run the iPhone 4.0 software. Which was recently unveiled but I will go further in depth with that in a later post.
But it is really cool so I say if you have the money, buy it because it is great from what I have seen so far.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Tech Class Movie

This is a video I made for my technology class at school.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3D TV's

If you followed the news coverage at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) than you would know that the theme you could say was 3D. Many people are amazed at how 3D works and thought it would be good to bring it to the HDTV's. And because everything these days seems to be in 3D like all the new movies coming out, why not make a TV that can show that content. So of you have ever been to a movie theater that showed a movie in 3D you would know that some of the images seem to pop out at you. But really because all your vision is consumed by the screen it pops,but if you have ever been in the back row it shows more depth that popping images.
So I decided to go to Best Buy and check out these "amazing TV's" and when I got there I saw nothing in 3D or even a TV in 3D. So I asked worker where they were and he lead my to a TV that clearly was not in 3D so he grabbed the remote and switched it to 3D. It was a nice feature to be able to flip between 3D and 2D. So I put on the glasses that cost about $125 a piece! I notice at that second that because my whole vision was not consumed by the screen when things tried to pop out it came at me and instead of looking like it would touch me it seemed to look like I was watching through a window and the image crashed against the glass of the screen. So in a simpler sentence it showed extreme depth but nothing really popped out at me. I really enjoyed it though. It was very cool.
Over all this is a cool concept but I don't think anyone would want to pay $800 more for the 3D function on top of $125 for the glasses. But if you are looking for a new TV I can tell you that if you have some extra cash go for it and buy these 3D TV's

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Xbox 360

I finally bought an Xbox 360 and it is the best.
When I compare the the Xbox 360 graphics to the PS3, its not even a competition. The Xbox 360 graphics are just amazing, and with the 48 shader pipelines for the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) and can process high detail and sharp textures. While the PS3 has 24 for one type and 6 for another. The place that is the biggest difference is the CPU (Central Processing Unit.) While the Xbox 360 rocks three 3.06 Ghz cores the PS3 has one core but has a cell feature that the core sends information to, to process the code.
Also the online experience of the Xbox 360 just works really good while the PS3 has some work to do.
One thing that the PS3 has is built in wifi and blue ray capabilities. Because of the blue ray the PS3 has less code and video decompression because a blue ray disc can hold 5X more information, but the Xbox 360 does a really good job of reading the code from the disc. I really wish that the Xbox 360 had built in Wifi but I guess Microsoft just forgot this time around. Also I really hate that Xbox Live costs money, because most of the content associated with Live costs money so why charge for the service.
Over all because I have only had the Xbox 360 for a short time I can't really compare yet but from what I can see now it looks better than the PS3. I also have asked some of my friends that have both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, they all said that they play the Xbox 360 more and that the Xbox 360 is more of a game console. While the PS3 is more of a media center because of the blue ray player.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Today (while on spring break) I ate at the best restaurant ever. It was called Benjamin's and it is in Galena, Illinois. It was not only an authentic Irish bar and grill but the food was amazing. If you are ever around the area I completely recommend this place. It was a VERY good eating and socializing experience.

Monday, March 1, 2010


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