Saturday, February 20, 2010

iPad Initial Impressions

iPad Initial Impressions

The good: The design and hardware is the best part of the iPad. With them amazing Apple A4 processor chip powering the iPad this device is a work horse (for a device) Also the nice aluminum backing is a great implementation and really adds to the great talk about the quality of Apple designs. And even the giant piece of glass over the touch screen is pulled of very nicely. Apple continues to thrive especially on the great quality and design of their products. Also the default or stock apps (like calender, notes, contacts, etc.) And the iBook app is nice. But because I have yet to touch the iPad I can't judge to much. Were nicely redesigned to fit the screen and they bring a few new features. Now for the home screen. The only good thing about it is that you can now have wallpaper behind the apps. Umm Apple it took you 3 years to figure out that thats what people wanted and you put it in the wrong device. But I am glad the iPad has it. But the iPhone still lacks the wallpaper and any multi-tasking feature..... which brings me to the bad.

The bad: The BIGGEST let down for me is the lack of multi-tasking. A device in between a Macbook and any Iphone has to at least have some sort of multi-tasking. I don't care how they do it but it needs to happen. And again with the statement "between a macbook and an iphone" let me tell you when you average the all the capacities of the Macbooks you get 276 gbytes. Now that is all the Air Regular and Pro models averaged. The iPhone capacities averaged is 24 gbytes. If they want a device in the middle of the 2 it should be around 150 gbytes. The iPad falls short by over 100 gbytes and let me tell you, I can't hold all my stuff on that. Also this is not a big deal but the home screen icons are to small and the lack of widgets on the home screen and the lack of difference over all of the home screen really makes me mad. Not a huge deal though. A revamped lock-screen and notification system would be nice as well.

My final thought:
I think that this is a really great product but unfortunately Apple was a little late with the iPad. If Apple could have presented this idea t least 1 year ago Apple would be on top with the tablet business. Other wise this looks like a really great start and I am almost positive the Apple will have software updates for the iPad to help take advantage of the processor. This is a product that has a lot of potential and I know will eventually hit the sweet spot and people will find a feature good enough to buy this. As of now though I would not purchase this device. Because the next generation will bring bigger and better things.

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