Monday, February 22, 2010

iPad/ iPhone/ iPod Touch STILL NO FLASH

This is going to be a quick post about flash and why the iPhone and other Apple Mobil device don't have it.
Personally I think Apple and Adobe ( manufacture of Adobe Flash) are enemies. If you look at it... Adobe has Photoshop and that for those who don't know is a really professional photo editor. Than Apple has the photo editor Aperture. I have not used Aperture but from what I hear it is not a novice application. Because of these two apps that might be a reason.
Apple claims that flash would kill the battery life. Be that as it may I would like the option. The iPad though. What the heck. Still no flash support. As seen in the Apple Keynote introducing the iPad Steve Jobs went to the New York Times web site and there was a video that depended on flash for it to play. Instead of a video there was the universal blue lego icon with the question mark on it. I think this was a silent way of showing the world that the iPad will not have Flash support and that it was intended.
This still interests me and it has sense the iPhone came out. And now with the Nexus One by Google is out and sporting its Flash Capabilities it makes Apple look bad. I assure you that in the future there will be Flash though.


  1. now all they have to do is bring it to the other smart phones

  2. yeah but besides that phone no other mobile device does cause they havent made one that works with it besides flash 10.1 which will work at a later date for smart phones