Friday, February 26, 2010

Leave a Comment and Help Me Decide!!

There are a few items in the market that I am interested in buying.
One: The xBox 360 or the PS3. I have asked my friends but they all vote out to a tie.
Two: The Motorola Droid or the Nexus One. Dare I wait for the Google phone or should I just go ahead and buy the Droid?
Three: iPad, wait for it to come out and see how it is or not even waste my time on it. It looks like a good device though.
Thats is so far but I want you all to leave a comment and tell me what it invest in. What did I leave out?


  1. You have to get the DROID! I love it! :) This is my new favorite gadget.

  2. ur gonna spend a lot of money no matter what you decide on. droid sounds better from what i have read and heard about it. the xbox is way better than the ps3. and the ipad is the exact same as the ipod minus a few small details so no ipad