Saturday, February 20, 2010

Windows 7 VS. Mac OS X Snow Leopard..
There is a big fight between Mac and PC but i can find no other reason for it that the OS ( operating system ) is the biggest reason for it.
With windows 7 you get some software updates and it is supposed to run better than Vista did. Well while I used it I found the biggest difference to be just eye-candy. Windows is still sporting the clean glass look with a revamped task-bar. The task-bar now has a feature called "arrow". Also the "appear" feature when you open and close applications is nice. Its hard to explain what that is but it just makes it look smoother and nicer than just having a giant window pop up, it appears. Also with the active screen sides maximizing and half sizing windows is a breeze. Its a luxury, not the smoothest thing though. Windows continues with the gadgets at the side of the screen. (Much like Mac's widgets) And the new search is much better than before.(Much like Mac's spotlight) I have to say that Microsoft has really done a good job at copying some of Mac's features like widgets, spotlight, expose, dock feature. No longer is the "expose" feature in windows anymore, but it was there and people did notice the similarities.
Also Windows 7 mobile was recently released and it looks much like the Zune HD's GUI. And as long as the new mobile has some form of multi-tasking it beats the iPhone OS just because of that one feature. But if we want to talk multi-tasking we should mention the master. The Palm line up of the Pixi(plus) and the Pre(plus). With the deck of cards based system.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is still the reigning winner of the famous CNET prize fight, and it is only a 25$ upgrade vs. windows with the lowest at like 125$. Apple still rocks with the amazing and innovative features of Expose and Spaces! And with the amazing video editing platform you cant go wrong with a Mac especially if you are a video editor. Though there were not a ton of visual changes besides the new stacks and Expose the system was updated. I wish there was more visual changes though because who doesn't like new cool changes to discover rather than know already. I believe though that the reason it was so cheap they wanted everyone to buy it so for the next OS the computer has the software to install and support the new OS believed to be called "Loin" Wow that sounds cool. But I mean what's better than a Snow Leopard.
The iPhone OS still has a lot of work to be done on it like more customizations and moving wallpapers, And of coarse going to Verizon. If you are like me where At&t service really sucks we could use Verizon. We have yet to see any multitasking feature. Get this, My phone the Chocolate 3 could Copy and Paste before the iPhone could. Wow, the iphone GUI was revolutionary at first but Palm and Android beats it by quite a bit, though navigation is really simple and easy to use.

Over all Mac OS X Snow Leopard beats windows 7 but the mobile OS's are flipped when Mobile Windows 7 took the lead because of Apple's implementation of multi-tasking was lacking.

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