Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3D TV's

If you followed the news coverage at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) than you would know that the theme you could say was 3D. Many people are amazed at how 3D works and thought it would be good to bring it to the HDTV's. And because everything these days seems to be in 3D like all the new movies coming out, why not make a TV that can show that content. So of you have ever been to a movie theater that showed a movie in 3D you would know that some of the images seem to pop out at you. But really because all your vision is consumed by the screen it pops,but if you have ever been in the back row it shows more depth that popping images.
So I decided to go to Best Buy and check out these "amazing TV's" and when I got there I saw nothing in 3D or even a TV in 3D. So I asked worker where they were and he lead my to a TV that clearly was not in 3D so he grabbed the remote and switched it to 3D. It was a nice feature to be able to flip between 3D and 2D. So I put on the glasses that cost about $125 a piece! I notice at that second that because my whole vision was not consumed by the screen when things tried to pop out it came at me and instead of looking like it would touch me it seemed to look like I was watching through a window and the image crashed against the glass of the screen. So in a simpler sentence it showed extreme depth but nothing really popped out at me. I really enjoyed it though. It was very cool.
Over all this is a cool concept but I don't think anyone would want to pay $800 more for the 3D function on top of $125 for the glasses. But if you are looking for a new TV I can tell you that if you have some extra cash go for it and buy these 3D TV's

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