Monday, March 1, 2010

New Mac Line Up and Upgrades Coming?

I am going to just list what the new Macs should include or at least what most people are expecting. I will start by saying that all the Macs should get a price cut because that is the major reasons some people don't buy Macs. Simply because they are not as affordable. For example the iPad cost about $250 for parts and about $10 dollars for shipping, and yet they retail the device for $500. If that is the case for all Apple products I would be disappointed, even though ever Mac I own has most defiantly been worth every cent. Now for the predictions for the Macs:

Macbook Pro:The first thing I would like to see is a bigger hard drive. At 500GBs at max doesn't seem to cut it (for me.) Next thing that is HIGHLY anticipated is Intel Quad-Core processors. This would be very nice for at LEAST the highest end model but if all models got it that wold be great on Apples part. And finally a nice price cut would be amazing.

Macbook Air: The Air has lost its title for the thinnest laptop and I hope it can regain it. Thought the laptop that beat it the Adalmo XPS is very nice and interesting. Also a needed upgrade is the RAM. It can currently only be upgraded to 2GBs of RAM. That could go up. Next a hard drive boost would be great. But you have to appreciate that it is so thin therefore not a huge deal. Next a price cut. Pretty please Apple! I could finally own that thin laptop if you drop the price!

Mac Mini: Hope to see Quad-Core and a hard drive boost. Not much I can say about this device because it really falls under a new category for computer, therefore you cant say it is lacking because you can compare it to other computers. Its a whole new category. Price cut too just because.

Mac Pro: The power house of the Apple computers. With an 8-Core model and amazing specs! The only 2 improvements could be the Core i9 processor chip or even up to a 12-Core model. A LARGE price cut as well would be amazing and would be GREATLY appreciated.

These computers listed are the Macs that should be updated soon and the regular Macbook and the iMac were updated during the fall so if you need a computer go for the iMac and the Macbook but the others above will be updated soon so wait wait wait because you could buy one and the next day the new model comes out. Be careful Mac buyers because there are amazing things coming but we don't know for sure.

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